There are often times when you have 2 or greater than two pages for the very same point – as an example, one official and the others informal. It is typically the instance that the unofficial page(s) could have more user likes than the formal ones due to the fact that Facebook users inadvertently liked the informal page and are now complying with that page. As a result of the missing out on fans, you might shed advertisement possibilities, news feed perceptions and valuable clicks on your major page. However, it is nigh on impossible to handle the replicate pages and also you manage your main page because it is a wild-goose chase and electricity.

Thankfully, Facebook permits you to merge two similar pages into a solitary page by a tools called “Merge Duplicate Pages” so that fans from the duplicate page can be contributed to your formal page without any type of hassles. Below is exactly how you can tackle doing this.

Exactly how Do Pages Get Combining?

For qualifying to be combined, the pages have to certify certain factors –

  • You have to go to least a manager level admin of all the pages you wish to combine with each other.
  • The pages that are eligible to be combined have to represent the same points and be comparable in material.
  • The name of the pages must likewise be comparable for them to be eligible.

What Points Should You Comply with Prior to Combining The Pages?

When you combine 2 Facebook pages with each other, your likes and user data would be transferred to the page you decide to make official. However, the other duplicate pages would be deleted and you would not have a future option to unmerge these pages. Just to be on the safer side, you need to create a data backup of all the pages you are preparing to merge together, in case you need it in the future. There are lots of tools online, which allow pages to be supported, and you can use any of those as they are primarily cost-free.
How Can You Merge Multiple Facebook Pages Into A Single Page?

In order to merge your pages, you must adhere to the following guidelines –

  1. You should be logged in to Facebook as on your own and not as the page you admin. So, prior to you make a decision to combine pages, log in as yourself.
  2. Atop the page that you wish to be your primary page, browse over the ‘Edit Page’ alternative. Select the fall menu that appears alongside it.
  3. Select on the choice of ‘Edit Settings’ and you would see the choice ‘Merge Pages’.
  4. After you select the alternative of ‘Merge Pages’, you require to choose ‘Request to Combine Duplicate Pages’.
  5. Total the type that shows up and click on send.

How you can Merge Non Identical Pages?

merge two facebook page in one page

As mentioned before, the pages you decide to combine should have identical names. In order to merge Facebook pages, this is a requirement considering that when you choose to merge the pages, you would be revealed a listing of pages that are eligible to be merged. If the names are not similar, the combining would not be allowed. You have 2 choices in case the page you wanted to combine does not show up on the listing or is not identical to the various other page:

  • You could report all the pages that are not looking like ‘Duplicates’.
  • You could stand by that at some point in the future, Facebook would add the choice of combining pages that seem non identical at first look.

What Would certainly Be the Result After Combining 2 Pages?

After you effectively merge pages, these are the points that will certainly occur –

  1. The merged official page would consist of all your check-ins, likes and other similar data.
  2. The post, information, comments etc. that were on the duplicate page would certainly be removed. If there is some crucial information in the information of the duplicate pages, you need to make a data backup of the page. Note that the deletion would certainly be of a long-term nature and you can not unmerge the pages if you change your thoughts later.
  3. The page that you decided to keep – your main page – would have no changes in its data except that it would also absorb the likes from the duplicate deleted pages as well as the check-ins.

What Are The Steps You Should Follow After Pages Are Combined?

When users like a page that is short on task, they accidentally ignore it. If, suddenly, the page begins showing activity, users can get frustrated and could start mentioning posts as spam. Since the adding of fans to your main page is quiet, there could be a great deal of complication. For staying away from any kind of spam reports that might damage your post exposure, you ought to craft a welcome post on top of the page.

This welcome post could clarify just how this page is your official page and you can also discuss how you want to make sure that the users’ Facebook encounter is great on your page. Include a little note about just how this brand-new page would add value to their Facebook life and you could additionally provide some rebate coupons or intriguing information to keep them connected.

The largest perk of the Merge tool is that you get to keep your fans. If you have numerous pages for the very same point, users are anyway visiting leave the much less energetic pages. As an alternative, you can be a lot more energetic on your energetic page and preserve your individuals. So, favor using the Merge tool as opposed to erasing the other pages.