Google+ is searchable similar to quora, and is by now being used as Q&A platform. Both platforms include early adopters, mostly marketer & they change loyalty quickly. When Google plus is facilitated by open profile and long conversation.

But what if Google Plus is just a trend the next Friendster instead of the next Twitter? The first is Google Plus’ Communities feature, which allows groups to form around particular interests.

Here are 5 ways you can use Google+ to promote and market your business.

#1: Use Your Google+ Profile to Claim Authorship of Your Content If you write content for various online blogs and publications, be sure to use your Google+ profile to claim authorship of each piece of content you write.

Also, regardless of whether you own a website or not, register for Google Webmaster Tools using the same Google account as your Google+ profile. This will allow you to see analytics data for the posts linked to your Google+ profile, including impressions in search query, CTR (click through rate), and more.

#2: SEO Value from Google+ you can able to get. If you have your page set up and you’ve got more than 10-11 followers, a profile photo, and your page is 30 days old, you can get a custom URL that matches your brand, making your page easy to share and easy to discover.


Link your Google+ page to your website to not only create an inbound link from Google+, but to allow your Google+ page to appear on the right hand side of search results

#3: Marketers who have taken the time to grow their G+ following are far more likely to raise high in the search results of users who have added them to their circles. As you grow your G+ following, also adding Google plus +1 vote buttons to blog posts on other sites will make it much easier for followers to engage with your G+ presence, as will directly connecting your page.

Another great way to make engagement is through search hashtags as described above or by mentioning followers directly so they’re aware of the post and invited to comment.

#4: With Google+ not only can you link to your other awesome profiles across the universe, you also can implant followed links directly into your biography with the anchor text of your choice. You can control some fundamental SEO items on your Google+ profile such as Meta Description and Titles.

Meta Description: That’s right you organize the Meta description for your Google+ profile! Your Title tag will be the name of your business and your Meta description will reflect the description you entered about your business, so be very cautious and thorough when you create your company description as this will come up in search results.

And here’s a final tip: get great charting soft, make great charts, and share often. Everybody shares memes, animated gifs, inspiring quotes, etc. But few people are rotating statistics into images that are easy to process. Be the 1st in your niche and watch your +1’s grow!