Who does not know how to share, comment and like? All of these words symbolize something else ever since the popularity of the social networking website, Facebook. You surely know how those buttons work these days. Facebook, as the website is fondly being called, became a website for all races. This would have to be the reason why there are many businesses out there that make use of Facebook in order to set a wider audience. This is no longer surprising knowing that Facebook has given new landscapes to the way people interact. A business’ popularity can be measured on likes today. However, the truth is that getting likes is not as easy as it sounds like. Not everyone is willing to press that button.

Most likely, only 9% of net users would like a business’ page intending to introduce a service or product. This is the reason why building a brand online became a really tough challenge. Despite the difficulty though, there are still many businesses out there willing to take a risk. This is not surprising considering the fact that having many fans can really help a business in so many ways.

There are many reasons why this second most visited website on the net can help you. First, it can be your platform in getting lots of free traffic. You will surely notice the difference once you created your fan page. Aside from it is good for your business page; Facebook can also be the ground for many potential customers. These customers may not have any idea about the existence of your business. You will be able to reach them through the said website. This will give you the chance to make a lot of dime. What is even good is that Facebook can give you unlimited fans and likes.

Meaning, you can get as many people as you like. Building a business is about networking, knowing that you will be able to connect to people will be good to expand your vision. Apart from this, your website will also be searchable in the search engine. This means that your content will get indexed. This is vital for your business. Being seen everywhere is the cue here. You want to be the first one to pop out when someone types something that is related to what you are offering. This will happen if you are on top of search engines. Getting more exposure is also possible if you have a massive followers and fans online. Your undertaking can be viral if you know what you are doing. When someone decided to like your page, there is already a possibility for it to be referred to someone else. This is the start. Apart from this, obtaining many likes will give you a chance to be advertised with PPC. Yes, using promoted posts has been going around. Determining the audience that you want to take a peak on is always in your hands. This can be done with Facebook as well. You get to sort the people that you can use in strengthening your brand image. These are just among the many reasons why being “liked” is huge.

How will you increase your online presence with Facebook fan page?

Keep them interested!

You need to give people a reason to revisit your page. This will happen if you post interesting stuff. You can always be exciting while doing sales. Sharing updated projects and photos can be done. Do this regularly. You also need to make the online feel like you are still a human being. People are interested in this. So, stop business talking. Well, do your purpose without being so obvious. It is easy to hit the unlike button if you will not be careful.

Be informative!

People like to learn something. If you will not make the page active, there is a chance for them to think that the page is not working anymore. Make it a point that you set a date for the status update. You can also post messages related to your business. Giving off links should be done here. It should be a link related to your business page. Create a fuss. Make your followers interact with each other. This is the only way to keep them.

Give great deals!

It would not hurt to loosen up a little. People always have this, “What’s in it for me?” do not take this negatively. It is just human nature that people would do something if something is in store for them. Take advantage of this fact by giving off incentives. In selling a product, giving off incentives never fail to work. There are those which offer special fares, while others entitle customers for free shipping. Think of something that will be able to drive your customers in. Make them feel that they are being taken care of.

Tag them along!

If you are to post photos, tagging the people along would be a good idea. This is how you build rapport. Doing such is also a good way to keep in touch with your customers. Eventually, they will share the photo. This will give you another exposure. You will get more likes if you will post as many photos as you can. Involve as many people in the photos too.

Make strong captions!

Copy posting quotes became a cliché already! Why not try something else? Be as humorous as you can! This is related to the fourth tip, right? Your photo caption does not have to be that long. Think of a skirt. It can be short for as long as it covers the most important part.

Creating an online presence is one way to getting Facebook likes. Getting likes on the other hand is the answer for a more effective marketing. All of these things are interrelated with one another. Make sure that you have plans for each! Be likeable!