Some businesses don’t like to try/explore new things or new ways of marketing… And the reason behind their “NO” might be because of their:

  • Rigidness to stick on to old marketing techniques;
  • Or they say no because they don’t find that particular marketing technique suitable to practice.

Read more to know, what needs to be done to show the real power of new marketing techniques… such as Google plus social media marketing!

We all know that an experienced social media marketer will always guide only those marketing techniques which in practical can give real rewards to the businesses! And like always, the motive behind every marketing technique is mainly:

  • To increase brand’s visibility;
  • To increase sales of goods/services.

How beneficial is Google plus, (social media marketing platform) for the businesses?

5 Reasons why social media marketers should guide businesses to try Google plus social media marketing:

  1. For Instant Indexing and SEO purpose: Like Facebook, Google+ too got hashtags that allows any user to conduct custom searches through specific keywords used in hashtags. Moreover, Google+ is associated with world’s largest search engine- Google.
  2. Hangout with Your Audience: Basically, Google+ Hangouts is a free application, where any user can do video chat with up to 10 people at once. For the privacy reasons, one can do hangouts that can be in private, which is done the people whom they have invited.
  3. It is Improving and Growing: In a recent report from some Internet analytic firm it is mentioned that the number of active Google+ users is nearly 360 million, which shows a sign of improvement and its growing interest amongst people.
  4. Content Authorship: Whether a business owner or an individual user who have profile on Google+, are completely capable of claiming their authorship of all of their Internet content. Such authorship allows an author to link all the contents created to be shown in Google+ profile, through which it is easy for any user to locate additional contents from same authors. Content which is linked through Google+ social media marketing establishes credibility, thus improves search engine rankings – which is a great exposure for any business/profession.
  5. Say Whatever Is Necessary To Be Shared: It is quite tough to communicate effectively in just 140 characters or less than that. And everyone is not a content writer that they are just capable to sum up whatever they want to share and express as a message to be delivered on the Google+ circles.

Google+ has shown exceptional growth since its launch in June 28, 2011. And those digital marketing professionals and business owners, who have ignored its potentiality in its initial years, must try it as soon as possible to explore the efficacy of this platform. For this any business that needs to create a profile for their brand, they must firstly create a social media marketing plan related to Google plus, which they can consult experienced social media service providers.