Development of the Internet has triggered some important changes in our every-day lives, making the online space a habit or even addiction. We actively use different social networks, storing (too many?) personal information there because these are definitely a potent communication tool. Therefore, it’s no wondering the latest tech developments follow this trend.

Cloud computing technology is one of the most important technology innovations nowadays, and it is in many ways related to our social media habits. These two interrelate because they both significantly influence our every-day activities and simplify many aspects of our lives.

Data sharing

Data sharingEven though it’s not quite common to share business information or otherwise important documents via social platforms, many files are transferred via Facebook and Twitter. In an attempt to simplify all ways of digital data transfer, most cloud storage applications enable direct connection to users’ social accounts. Drop box, for example, lets you automatically share your files on both Facebook and Twitter, and there are plenty of reasons to love this functionality. Why bother with copying, pasting, uploading and sending files to multiple friends, when all this can be done with a single click.

Photo upload

Social networks all seem to have one feature in common – everybody likes piling up their photos there. Social media follows the “the more the merrier” guideline when photos are in question, which is why it’s not surprising that cloud apps tend to specifically promote their photo sharing features. Dropbox not only allows automatic upload the photos you take with your Smartphone, but also lets you instantly publish them on Facebook. Google Drive and Box offer a similar option as well.

Mobile access

165186234What is specific to web-based applications is the option to access them any time from any device that has a relatively stable internet connection. Considering the fact that more than 60% of Americans now owns a Smartphone or a tablet, it gets increasingly important to adjust user experience of both social networks and cloud accounts to mobile devices. Therefore, most popular applications are adjusted to these platforms, enabling you to do virtually anything from your mobile device. While cloud support enhances mobile device performance, social integration helps you stay in touch with everything that is going on in the social media world.

Security and privacy issues

When discussing anything related to the ‘global village’ and user behavior in it, it is impossible not to mention security risks. While some easily put too much personal information online, others still live in a paranoia-like state when it comes to using online resources.

The truth is that the Internet is still a highly vulnerable space for those who take their online selves for granted. However, both social networks and cloud providers have different functionalities that help users easily control the access to their data. Protection starts with strong passwords, but security features such as two-step verification contribute to one’s having peace of mind in terms of data security.

Both social networks and cloud computing technology offer a wide variety of functions that can help you simplify your every-day activities. It’s all up to you to choose your favorite app, customize your social profile and explore the world of free communication.